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Our clients’ testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to providing knowledge, expertise, and guidance in the field of MSK Ultrasound. With Dr. Randy Moore’s exceptional teaching style and comprehensive educational program, we empower healthcare professionals to enhance their diagnostic and treatment skills. Our organized and informative courses, along with a well-written handbook, ensure a smooth learning experience. Join us on the journey of moving MSK Ultrasound forward, one review at a time.


Dr. Moore's evaluation of patients, his remarkable ultrasound expertise, and his detailed explanations of pathology and therapy options, to us and to our patients, have been invaluable.


Dr. Moore employs a straight forward teaching style guiding the novice in musculoskeletal scanning to a good level of confidence in a short period of time. He also share many clinical 'pearls' in the process, which enhances the ability and knowledge of those already employing MSK imaging in their practices.

moving msk ultrasound forward.

One review at a time.

Patricia L.

Dr. Moore's MSKUS educational program is organized, informative, easy to follow and most of all, has inspired me to perfect my MSKUS diagnostic and treatment skills to offer the best care possible to my patients. Also, thank you to his wonderful staff for exceptional service. I will continue to recommend MSK Master's US program to my colleagues!

Cindy B.

I have taken multiple University level courses in MSK Ultrasound imaging and none compare to the effectiveness or efficiency of the courses taught by Dr. Randy Moore. He is truly a "Master" of getting the message and learning imparted to the student. He takes extremely complicated procedures and puts them into a methodical step by step process leading to accurate and efficient image acquisition.

Amir A.

Dr. Randy Moore is an outstanding teacher and has designed a course that makes learning MSKUS practical and enjoyable. Personally I have found it eye opening and the passion put into this work is inspiring. I bought the book too which is very helpful in conjunction with the online videos!

Rabeya S.

I have passed RMSKS exam recently and got 92% marks. I went through Dr. Moore's MSK course because it is very beneficial and helpful for this exam. These lectures and videos are didactic and informative. Those who want to pass the RMSKS exam, this course will be useful. It is easy to learn the techniques and is a reliable source of learning.

John D.

Many thanks to Dr. Moore for his well written and concisely laid out handbook for MSK sonography. I would have been lost learning this new modality without it! I have been in ultrasound since 1998 specializing in cardiovascular and transcranial, but MSK is, for me, the most difficult to learn, but thanks to this handbook and the flash cards I've been able to transition easily! A must have for anyone entering the MSK world!

Dr. Paul R.

Excellent manual and highly recommended for clinicians starting their venture into MSK sonography. The illustrations are well organized with systematic anatomy. Sonographic images are well delineated, highlighting anatomy for easy interpretation. This manual has served as a very valuable resource, making my initial venture into MSK sonography, relatively easier.