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Sonography of the extremities TEXTBOOK

Sonography of the Extremities presents musculoskeletal sonography protocols in a precise, systematic, easy-to-learn format. Considered the “cook book” for learning Musculoskeletal Sonography!

Sonography of the extremities flashCards

Sonography of the Extremities Flashcards! A convenient and comprehensive tool to perform MSK ultrasound exams.The cards are made of water-proof, tear-proof stock. Very durable! Ultrasound gel will not harm them!

Registry Review Study Guide

Our RMSK Registry Review Study guide is the perfect companion for our RMSK Registry Review course. The RMSK Exam Study Guide is a hardcopy version of the downloadable course handouts. Includes 375 pages (double sided) in a three-ring notebook.

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Feedback from our Students

“Best study material and educational course by far. Not only is it packed with knowledge and clinical gems, but it will challenge and change the way you practice."

“As a physical Therapist, this new skill set has already enriched my practice. It allows me to be precise in diagnostics, education, and treatment. Dr. Moore's teaching and methodology saves time allowing those outcomes to occur in an environment where time is a scarce commodity!”

“Five stars! Thank you for the detailed way you explain each step POCUS MSK for clinicians. since watching the MasterClass and the Injection section I have started using more of Dr.Moore's advice with great clinical results.”