Dr. Randy Moore created a

                            Regenerative Medicine Protocol

             that goes beyond a single, intra-articular injection.


With MSK Ultrasound, You will:

– See WHY your patients need             regenerative medicine

Target the pathology

– Combine with a comprehensive


– Confidently predict the better

          outcome to the patient


regenerative medicine sonography

MSK Sonography

The emerging practice of regenerative medicine requires the inclusion of MSK Sonography. Ultrasound imaging is the most accurate pre-treatment modality, and it has the unique capability of providing the most precise placement of the biocellular product.

Recently overheard

“I don’t believe there is a better way to provide regenerative medicine.”
– orthopedic physician

“You don’t know what you don’t know until you meet Dr. Randy Moore.”
-orthopedic physician


The Claim.

The body inherently sustains a ready cellular population of adult cells capable of facilitating or perpetuating healing and regeneration.

The foundational premise of regenerative medicine or stem cell therapy in musculoskeletal medicine is tissue maintenance…healing…regeneration.

How it Works

Ultrasonography provides the real-time full spectrum display of inflammation, fibrosis, calcification, fiber failure and complete rupture of musculoskeletal anatomy.

This complete panoramic view of the current physiologic state provides the necessary pre-treatment imaging and diagnostic information for specific treatment site selection.

regenerative medicine syringes
sonography of the knee

Raising the Bar.

Real-time guidance and visualization during stem cell product placement removes the reliance on “the diffusion factor”.

A targeted AND comprehensive approach provides better outcomes.

Ultrasound Guidance

Ultrasonography provides quantifiable and reproducible imaging to substantiate the claims. Regenerative medicine is substantiated by ultrasonography.

regenerative medicine application

Supraspinatus Tendon Outcome with Biocellular Therapy

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