Frequently Asked Questions

What does the MSK Online Curriculum include?

Textbook “Sonography of the Extremities: Techniques and Protocols”
Textbook Handouts
Core Lecture Series with Handouts of supporting information
Scanning Demonstrations (video)
Scanning Templates for each body part
MSK Registry Review
500+ slides to supplement study for Certification exam

Is the textbook included with the online course?

Yes, the textbook is included. It will be mailed to you.

Where can I find an example of the curriculum?

You can see examples of Dr. Randy Moore’s curriculum at

Does MSK Masters offer hands-on training?

Yes, Dr. Moore provides hands on training at your clinic using your equipment, your staff, and your patients. The price for a one-day training session is $2,800. Please email if you wish to schedule him for your clinic.

Does MSK Masters provide scanning services?

Yes, Dr. Moore can provide scanning services for your clinic. If you are interested in this, please email

How do I know that I am scanning correctly?

You can know that your scans are correct and objective when you:

Know the standardized acoustic landmarks
Understand normal sonoanatomy
You do not hunt pathology

How can I get my lab assignments completed?

Phillips has a Lumify system that can be rented for $199/month to allow you to practice your scans. Apple has a Butterfly iQ system that works with the iPhone.

I am a practicing physician and understand how to inject joints, what portion of the curriculum do I need?

The foundational principle that must be adhered to is this….
Your injection is no better than your image. Targeting specific sites is predicated by accurate imaging. It is not advisable to pursue just injection technique. The full benefit and spectrum of MSKUS is compromised. Please consider completion of our online curriculum.